Online milk orders are placed with the creamery the next Monday for Thursday delivery.


"Ozark Mountain Creamery products are fresh, wholesome, and naturally produced. How do we know this? Because our milk comes from our own farm right here in Mountain Grove, Missouri. We grow about 90% of what is fed to our cows, which is GMO-free and pesticide free. The fields are fertilized from our lagoon. Our cows have NEVER been given artificialhormones (rbst).We have long known our milk is a quality product. So we decided to take what we do best, produce milk, make it better with glass bottles, and bring it to the consumer, thus preserving the family farm for our children and grandchildren.One aspect of our creamery that sets us apart is we use a low-temperature vat pasteurization process. It takes 30minutes to pasteurize our milk. Using the slower, lower-temperature method, preserves the natural flavor of the milkwhile ensuring that any possible harmful bacteria is eliminated. Based on customer feedback, many people that are lactose intolerant can drink our milk. After milking the cows, the milk is processed and bottled within 48 hours, giving you the consumer perhaps the freshest milk you’ve ever tasted."

Ozark Mountain Chocolate Pre-Order

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