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Frequently asked questions

Can you hold me some berries?

We DO NOT hold berries.  Demand is simply too high to hold berries.  The only way to reserve berries is when we do have a surplus we will add some to our online store.  We will not recognize orders placed by text, call, email, or Facebook message / comments.  There are simply far to many emails, texts, messages, etc. to keep up with.  

What do I need to bring to pick?


Just bring yourself and a cooler if you choose.  We provide picking buckets and bags.  

Do you have any places to rest?


Yes we do, we have picnic tables as well as shade. Bottled water and sodas can be found in our farm store. 

Are there snakes or other pests?


While we cannot guarantee there are no snakes, ticks, or chiggers it is highly unlikely to be bothered by these pests.  We keep the middles well mowed and the berries as weed free as possible for a fun and enjoyable picking experience.  Did we mention all the berries are thornless?

Do you have on site restrooms?

We have a restroom available at our farm store.  We also have our mobile hand wash station wherever people are picking.  Handwashing is required before entering the field to pick berries.  We strive to always follow the best food safety practices.

Do you use any pesticides?

Yes we do use pesticides.  All of our crops are susceptible to a variety of fungal and insect pests.  We follow all federal labels in order to be compliant and insure product safety.

Do you take any food safety precautions?

Yes we are compliant with the "Food Safety Modernization Act", a federally mandated set of rules and guidlines to ensure safe produce handling.

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